Yellow Yoshi's Plush Adventures is a plush series currently ongoing on YouTube. It is uploaded monthly on GreenPandaGamer's channel. Each episode is about 10 - 15 minutes. It is about Yellow Yoshi's adventures as he is visiting a friend and sees how dangerous and harsh it is away from his paradise home, Yoshi's Island. He experiences these hardships but also meets new people that help him overcome these obstacles and tough times.

Characters/Voice Actors Edit

Heroes Edit

Yellow Yoshi (GreenPandaGamer)


Fire Luigi/Luigi (GreenPandaGamer)

Blue Toad (FirePikachuNinja/spectral_ninja)

Toon Link (TheNinjaOfFury)

Tyrunt (TheNinjaOfFury)

Pikachu (Red_LionPlayz/FirePikachuNinja)

Villains Edit

Bowser (GreenPandaGamer)


Chespin (Red_LionPlayz/PVPREAPERNiNJA11/TheNinjaOfFury)

Kamek (FirePikachuNinja/spectral_ninja)

Skellie (the Minecraft Skeleton) (FirePikachuNinja)

Spike (Jurassic Park dinosaur) (TheNInjaOfFury)


Creeper Bros. (TheNinjaOfFury)

Heroes -> Villains And Villains -> Heroes Edit

Turtwig (PVPREAPERNiNJA11/CharmanderNinja/TheNinjaOfFury)

Neutral Edit

Victini (TheNinjaOfFury)

Links Edit

Series Playlist:

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

Episode 4:

Credits Edit

Main Cast Edit

GreenPandaGamer - Yellow Yoshi, Luigi/Fire Luigi, Bowser -

PVPREAPERNiNJA11 - Mario, Goomba, Chespin, Turtwig, Vaporeon -

FirePikachuNinja - Blue Toad, Pikachu, Skellie, Kamek -

TheNinjaOfFury - Toon Link, Tyrunt, Chespin, Spike, Creeper Bros., Turtwig, Victini -

Back-Up Cast Edit

spectral_ninja - Kamek, Blue Toad -

Red_LionPlayz - Pikachu, Chespin -

CharmanderNinja - Turtwig - Has no channel as of right now

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