Super Smash Plushes is a plush series currently ongoing on TheNinjaOfFury's YouTube channel. Every time a Super Smash Bros.-related plush is bought, an episode can be made. In this series, it is mostly about fighting, just like the Super Smash Bros. video game series. No real dialogue is used, only battle cries and such.

Characters/Combatants and Voice Actors Edit


Fire Luigi/Luigi (GreenPandaGamer)

Yellow Yoshi/Yoshi (TheNinjaOfFury)

Bowser (GreenPandaGamer)

Pikachu (Water_NiNJA123/TheNinjaOfFury)

Credits & Links Edit

Series Playlist -

Episode 1 -

Episode 2 -


GreenPandaGamer (Luigi, Bowser) -

TheNinjaOfFury (Yoshi, Pikachu) -

Water_NiNJA123 (Pikachu) -

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