Skunk is a character in GreenPandaPlushes. He is a supporting protagonist in Plush Pirate Adventures alongside Captain Jackrabbit. He is the 1st recruited member of the team. He was recruited by Ridges. Like Ridges and Captain Jackrabbit, he is voiced by TheUltra_Penguin.

Family, Friends and Affiliations Edit

Plush Pirate Adventures Universe Edit


Other Universes Edit

  • Mario (friend)
  • Luigi (friend)
  • Blue Toad (friend)
  • Yellow Toad (friend)
  • Peach (friend)
  • Daisy (friend)
  • Rosalina (friend)
  • Toad (friend)
  • Toadsworth (friend)
  • Toadette (friend)
  • Donkey Kong (friend)
  • Diddy Kong (friend)
  • Wario (enemy, later turns into friend/ally)
  • Waluigi (enemy, later turns into friend/ally)
  • Bowser (enemy)
  • Bowser Jr. (enemy)
  • Koopa Troop (enemy)
  • Kamek (enemy)
  • Pikachu (friend)
  • Tyrunt (friend)
  • Victini (friend)
  • Vaporeon (enemy)
  • Chespin (enemy)
  • Turtwig (enemy, later turns into friend/ally)
  • Toon Link (friend)
  • Toon Zelda (friend)
  • Ganondorf (enemy)
  • Sonic The Hedgehog (friend)
  • Tails (friend)
  • Dr. Eggman (enemy)
  • Skellie (enemy)
  • Creeper Bros. (enemy)
  • Spike (enemy)
  • Kirby (friend)
  • Meta Knight (ally)
  • King Dedede (enemy)

Powers and Abilities Edit

Skunk (along with the rest of the crew) cannot use mana at all. However, as an animal, he is physically strong and quick. His paws allow him to dig and scratch foes. His dark color also helps him camouflage at night. Skunk, as a skunk can spray stink bombs too, when feeling endangered. He is unique in the ways that he can walk with 2 feet (as a skunk) or 4 feet (like Panda) and he can steer ships. Other than these facts stated above, Skunk has nothing unique about his combat abilities.

Personality Edit

Skunk is the curious character in the crew. He is often seen questioning things or people. He is more of a smart character preparing things in advance as well. He cares about his team deeply and thanks them from time to time, too. He can sometimes be seen with a notebook taking notes about some ancient/mystical things.

Trivia Edit

  • His voice actor TheUltra_Penguin also voices Ridges and Captain Jackrabbit.
  • He is shown to be caring joining the crew with no doubts or hesitation.
  • After becoming famous pirates, Skunk wants to become a spy and/or a detective.
  • His favorite color is black.