Red_LionPlayz (formerly known as TheUltra_Penguin and PvPNinjaPenguin) is an voice actor for GreenPandaPlushes. He has 2 channels: his old account TheUltra_Penguin (a link can be found here) and his newer account Red_LionPlayz (a link can be found here). So far, Red_Lion voices the following characters:

Credits Edit

Voices Edit

  • Ridges (Whale) (Plush Pirate Adventures)
  • Captain Jackrabbit (Plush PIrate Adventures)
  • Skunk (Plush Pirate Adventures)
  • Mario (in videos without PVPREAPERNiNJA11)
  • Pikachu (in videos without FirePikachuNinja)
  • Chespin (backup)

Behind the scenes/Editing Edit

Red_LionPlayz was the cameraman of the Plush Pirate Adventures series. He can also be credited with the creation of that series as well as the idea of using the spying device in Yellow Yoshi's Plush Adventures (episode 3). Red_Lion was the editor of Plush Pirate Adventures, and made the intro, too.

Trivia Edit

  • Red_LionPlayz's first Pokemon game was Pokemon X.
  • Before playing X however, he has watched the Pokemon anime.
  • He has known GreenPandaGamer from the age of 5.
  • His inspiration for Plush Pirate Adventures came from the early episodes of the anime, One Piece.
  • He likes Hot Pockets in real life.
  • As TheUltra_Penguin/PvPNinjaPenguin, his favorite Pokemon were Piplup/Prinplup/Empoleon.
  • As Red_LionPlayz, his favorite Pokemon are Litleo, Pyroar, and Solgaleo.
  • In Pokemon Go, Red_Lion joined Team Valor and chose Charmander as his starter.
  • His favorite Mega Evolutions are Mega Charizard X and Mega Charizard Y.
  • He is skilled in athletics and likes to play American football as well as basketball.
  • He likes roleplaying in Minecraft and watches it as well.
  • His favorite character in Super Smash Bros. is Sonic and was at first, Pikachu.

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