GreenPandaGamer is an voice actor for GreenPandaPlushes and is the owner of the channel and wiki. His original channel (GreenPandaGamer) was created on April 26th, 2015 and created this wiki on August 8th, 2016. So far, he voices the following characters:



  • Sushi

Behind the scenes/Editing

GreenPandaGamer is also the cameraman, editor, and can be credited for the plots of some plush videos.


  • His favorite character to voice, is Luigi.
  • His favorite character, as a character in general, is Torchic.
  • In real life, his favorite food is lo mein.
  • His very first plush he got (that is still used today in the videos) is the Panda from Plush Pirate Adventures. He got it as a gift from a friend in 2008.
  • His first gaming-related plush he got was a Yoshi keychain in 2010. (Not the same one used in current videos)
  • His very first video game he got was New Super Mario Bros. for the DS. It was originally released in 2006 but he didn't play it (or in fact get it) until 2009 (around the time New Super Mario Bros. Wii got released).
  • His very first handheld console was a standard Nintendo DS and his first home console was the Nintendo Wii.
  • His first Pokemon game he played was Pokemon HeartGold and he played it on a vacation at California during 2010.
  • His favorite Pokemon is Pancham.
  • His favorite starter Pokemon is Treecko.
  • His very first Pokemon to reach Level 100 was a Zebstrika in Pokemon Black.
  • His favorite Pokemon generation is Gen. V because it has the most nostalgia for him.
  • His favorite color obiviously is green. To be more precise, it is lime green/yellow green.
  • His favorite sport is volleyball.
  • His favorite YouTubers are samgladiator, supermariologan, CarFlo, chrisandthemike, chuggaaconroy, NintendoCapriSun, MunchingOrange, and SullyPwnz.
  • The very first YouTube Let's Play he watched was chuggaaconroy's Super Mario Sunshine.
  • His first YouTube series he watched and completed was RichAlvarez's Stupid Mario Brothers.
  • His first YouTube plush series he watched was supermariologan's Mario and Luigi's stupid and dumb adventures.

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